After seeing a teaser for a 3D movie called 'The Raptoms', I knew I would become a 3D artist.

We are somewhere around 1993 and I was 11 years old. Unfortunately, the film never made it to the big screen. When I was ready to pursue my dream I realised there was no digital arts school to go to, certainly not in Belgium. So I attended a traditional press and graphic education and got a master degree in advertising design. Meanwhile teaching myself everything there is to know about 3D.

I started as a freelance designer in 2005 working on a variety of projects. Ranging from websites, programming 2D computer games, graphic design, 3D visuals and motion graphics. In 2011 things changed when I started working for a Belgian media company called Studio 100. I made the content for 3 musicals that used 3D stereoscopic animation as a backdrop for the actors. I really had to push the envelope and learned a lot in a short period of time. By expanding my network and getting to know people in the same field of interests, the ball started rolling.

A year later I was asked by Tomorrowland to help them on designing the stages. After getting to know the magic of the festival and everything it comprehends, it was a logical step to commit fulltime for Tomorrowland as the first dedicated 3D designer. Today we are a creative team of 23 designers.

I like to be inspired by people with a real passion and I hope I can inspire other people in what they are doing. Helping them to put their vision into images and their dreams into art design. And doing so helping them achieve their goals. Don't hesitate to reach out!

This is not a job, it's a passion!